Pandemic Control



Pandemic Prevention

With the heighten concern on pandemic infection, we are proposing on this page an overview of the items you should be considering to fight a flu outbreak in your school, your office, your business. Be prepared !

4 steps to control flu outbreaks:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and hot water.
  2. Clean high traffic area and surfaces frequently with an efficient disinfectant.
  3. Use antiseptic gel for hands regularly and other protection tools if needed (gloves/mask).
  4. If you are sick or experience the symptoms of the flu; stay home unless you require medical attention.


Portable Sinks

Hand Washing Stations

Just Turn It On ! Portable Hand Washing Stations.

Hot or cold water available on demand, wherever you are ! All you need is an electrical outlet. You will find one to answer you needs from our extensive selection of over 20 models. Solidly made, selection of basins, quality construction, certified; CSA, UL, FDA & NSF. Our portable sinks do not require plumbing installation

2 Year Warranty - Manufactured by Ozark-River

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Starting from: $1995.00

Hands Free Operation Infrared Sensor - EZ-Flow !

The EZ Flow Water Sensor™ allows using any portable sinks while reducing contacts with germs. Ideal for sinks that requires hands-free usage. It can be installed on any standard faucet. Save up to 70% on water consumption.

Item # 120-ORZ-ONF 

Runs on "AAA" batteries - Manufactured by Ozark-River

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Price: $120.00

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Steramine 200 PPM Disinfectant Kit

Complete kit of Steramine ™ Quaternary Disinfectant includes; One 4 gallon sealed dispenser container to mix solution, one trigger spray bottle, test strips, one Express-pack of 10 pre-measured concentrated solution packs  


Item # 120-ORSTXP-KIT

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Price: $85.00


Steramine 200 PPM Disinfectant Solution Refill - 100 Packs

No more daily preparation required ! Mix one pack of Steramine ™ with 4 gallon of water in the sealed distribution container. You can apart the solution until completely used. Test strips are included. One Express-Pack (10 single packs) makes 40 gallons of quaternary 200 PPM disinfectant solution which allows you to save storage space.   

Item # 120-ORSTXP-100

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Price: $115.00

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Pandemic Prevention Tools

Purell Gel Hands Sanitizer.  12 x 12 oz bottles

Purell Gel Hands Sanitizer is the ideal front line tool to combat the flu spread. The 12 oz bottle is a practical format that should be placed at strategic locations to insure that everyone regularly sanitize their hands.


Item # 98-0005

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                                           Price: $120.00

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